Soooooo, you saw the cover reveal of The Fortune on August 19. I hope it whet your appetite. Now find out what is in store for Jack Mallory by reading the story blurb from the book jacket! (Click on the image below to enlarge.) And look for The Fortune in paperback and ebook formats on October 21, 2014!


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And without further ado, I give you the cover of my upcoming novel, The Fortune, the third book in my Jack Mallory trilogy!! The cover was designed by Annette Trembley at Midnight Whimsy Designs. The novel will be released on October 21, 2014. It will be available in paperback and ebook formats at such places as, Barnes & Noble, Apple store, etc. And check back here tomorrow to read the jacket blurb for The Fortune.

 If you are a member, please add The Fortune to your “to read” shelf by clicking HERE! Thank you for your support!


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To quote Rod Stewart: “People, get ready.”

It’s almost time! One more week until I reveal the lovely cover for The Fortune, the third book in my Jack Mallory trilogy. Check back here on August 19 to see the book cover, which was designed by Annette Tremblay of Midnight Whimsy Designs. Annette also designed the dramatic cover of The Alliance.

I will also be revealing the release date for The Fortune as well as the jacket blurb following the cover reveal. Stay tuned. I hope you are as excited as I am!

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Thought I’d share a couple of pictures from a book sale/signing I did earlier this year at the Grand Blanc, Michigan, location of the Genesee Country District Library system.



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(Cross-posted from my Facebook page.)

I’ve been tagged by Kim Zollman Rendfeld to list five things about my main character in my current work in progress. Like Kim, I’m going to fudge a little because my WIP isn’t really my WIP, but I am doing final edits on The Fortune, so I’m going with my protagonist in that–Jack Mallory.

1) Jack did not come by piracy in the usual way. To search for his mother who had been kidnapped by pirates, he followed the axiom, “It takes one to know one,” and went “on the account” by acquiring a vessel through leading a mutiny.

2) Jack has some serious emotional baggage and has a penchant for emotional self-flagellation. Throw in a stubborn streak and a messed up love life.

3) Jack is not your usual brawny hero. He’s rather slight of build and refined in looks. But rest assured, ladies, he’s easy on the eyes. 

4) Jack is an only child. His siblings either died at birth or shortly thereafter.

5) Jack’s best friend is Josiah Smith, who nearly killed Jack when they first met. Smith serves not only as Jack’s quartermaster aboard the Prodigal but as a surrogate father to Jack.

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Congratulations to the winners of my recent book giveaway at!!

Each of these lucky readers will receive a signed copy of my second novel, The Alliance:

Louise in Newfoundland

Emma in West Sussex, Great Britain

Champaklal in Lancashire, Great Britain

Thanks for entering! Your copies will be mailed this week. I hope you enjoy the story. If you haven’t already read Book 1 in my Jack Mallory series, I encourage you to check out The Prodigal. And keep a weather eye on the horizon for Book 3, The Fortune, later this year.

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Are you a writer looking for a way to perfect your query and land an agent? Check out the second annual Query Kombat over at author Michelle Hauck’s blog. This link will tell you how to enter. May 22 is when you can submit your query and sample pages, so check it out soon!

And I’m proud to say that I will be one of the judges in Query Kombat. Check out the whole line-up of awesome judges at Michelle’s blog today: Meet the Judges.

Good luck to all contestants!!

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