An Interlude

Last week I took a break from real life and writing. A couple of friends and I drove down to beautiful Lexington, Kentucky, for the World Equestrian Games. This was the first time the two-week competition (held every four years–two years after the Olympics) was held in North America.

I’ve been to the Kentucky Horse Park a number of times, but for these Games the KHP had added new venues to accommodate the competitions which spanned a wide range of equestrian disciplines. The main stadium was where the show jumping events were held. This picture was taken the first night as we came into the stadium for the show jumping team final:

The Americans did not fair well throughout the several days of jumping. No medals. Only McLain Ward on Sapphire achieved a mere glimmer of glory by riding in the individual competition on Friday night. The Germans, as usual, were a sight to behold. They won the team gold medal.

Here is a picture of my favorite jump on the course Wednesday night:

The top four riders competed Saturday for individual medals. The format is unique. Each rider navigates a short course on their own mount then each rider tackles the same course but on the mounts of the other three riders. It’s a very exciting thing to see, though I don’t favor it because of the added work for the horses who had already jumped several times that week.

We had perfect weather the whole trip: full sun and temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. One of those lovely afternoons was spent at Keeneland racetrack with thousands of other race fans for opening weekend of the fall meet. I even managed to pick a winner and earn a whopping $11.

I didn’t completely neglect writing while I was away. I critiqued a long chapter for my critique partner. But Ketch had to sit on the back burner. I’m sure he didn’t mind. 😉

While away I received an email from the agent who had requested to see the entire manuscript of The Prodigal. Unfortunately she had decided to pass on taking me on as a client. Ah, well… Back to square one. I did, however, receive a kind email from the agent’s assistant a few days later. She, of course, had read The Prodigal first. She told me how much she enjoyed the story and believed that “it will find its place very soon.” Let’s hope so. 🙂

I’m back home now and back to work on The Driver’s Wife. Kentucky was a wonderful interlude. The beauty and tranquility of Kentucky was captured by this picture I took on my last night there, looking away from the bright lights of the stadium into the bluegrass sunset and moonrise:

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