Historical Novel Society Conference

Come June I’ll be winging my way to sunny San Diego to the 2011 Historical Novel Society Conference. It’s been four years since I last attended, in Albany, NY. I must admit I wasn’t exactly blown-away by that conference, but I’m willing to give HNS a second chance at the urgings of another writer who regularly attends. I felt the Albany conference had too many discouraging panelists. I don’t expect sunshine and balloons but I would like to hear agents, editors, etc. who can offer some glimmer of hope for novelists out there. I mean, someone somewhere must be buying books from people other than Ronald Reagan, Jr. and Hilary Clinton, right?

And, hey, it’s San Diego! Who could pass that up? Considering the wretched winter weather here in the Midwest, I’m wishing that conference was this week!

The conference will again be offering pitch sessions with agents and editors. I’ve signed up for an editor pitch, so now I have six months to get an ulcer preparing for that. 🙂


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