I’ve Joined the Ranks of the E-Readers

I saved up my pennies and recently purchased a Kindle. One of the features that appealed to me was being able to upload manuscripts to it. Great way to easily carry around a 145,000-word novel like the third draft of The Driver’s Wife which I just finished writing last week. I’m doing a quick read-through/edit before sending it off to my beta reader. And there’s something appealing about seeing my novel displayed in the same way that the published books I’ve downloaded appear. Makes you feel that much closer to eventual commercial success.

Of course, there’s all this talk about the future format of publishing, whether or not traditional books will go the way of the dinosaurs and be replaced by e-readers. While I may have a sentimental view of the “old fashioned” format, I can’t imagine books not becoming available only via e-readers. Technology always wins out in the long run, and it only seems to make economical sense that publishing e-books is the way to go for publishing houses. And I’m all for saving trees as much as I would miss being able to hold one of my works in the form of a traditional book with an appealing cover. After all, it’s really all about the reader, not the writer, isn’t it? I mean, I can write until I’m blue in the face but unless I have readers that the only person I’m entertaining is myself.

Like many in modern society, I’m all about instant gratification. There’s something magical about being able to purchase a book via wi-fi and instantly having it displayed in front of you, light and easy to tuck into your purse and carry around, with an instant dictionary displayed for any word you indicate. That really comes in handy when reading someone like Patrick O’Brian and his myriad of superlatives.

Another reason why I wanted an e-reader is to increase my reading. I’m not someone who wants to find the time to borrow a novel from the library and then have to be cognizant of a due date. I want to be able to take my time reading. But to purchase more books to keep on shelves in my tiny house after reading them is also something I wish to avoid. Now with the ease and convenience of my Kindle, I will broaden my reading horizons even beyond my genre. Just maybe I’ll even finally read things like Harry Potter.

I’m going on vacation soon so I’ve purchased a nice little cover so my new friend can travel safely with me. What could be more appealing than to sit in the warm sun, next to the ocean, and read a book? Electronically, that is. 🙂

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2 Responses to I’ve Joined the Ranks of the E-Readers

  1. RandomizeME says:

    “Now with the ease and convenience of my Kindle, I will broaden my reading horizons even beyond my genre. Just maybe I’ll even finally read things like Harry Potter.”

    Unfortunately, JK Rowling doesn’t like eBooks, so there aren’t any (legal) ebooks of Harry Potter available…

  2. susankeogh says:

    Thanks for the info. Then I guess I won’t be reading them. JK Rowling’s loss. I say embrace the technology, JK! 😉

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