Historical Novel Society Conference

My fellow historical fiction writers have all gathered in San Diego this weekend for the North American conference. I had originally registered and planned to go but for numerous irritating reasons that I won’t go into here I was unable to attend. I am, however, following other writers on Twitter (#HNS11) who are attending and posting their experiences. I have a couple writer friends there, as well, so I’m looking forward to more detailed reports from them.

Meanwhile, at home, I’m being historically productive đŸ˜‰ by pressing on with my writing. Mere pages away from finishing this 500-page draft of The Edge of Hell. With that finished up, I’ll return to the Jack Mallory Chronicles, putting the finishing touches on what I hope to be the final draft of The Driver’s Wife. While it’s chronologically the fourth book in the series, it can stand alone as well, so I want to have this one ready for my agent by the end of the year.

I’ve also been reading, and I am close to finishing J.D. Davies’s nautical fiction, Gentleman Captain, which I’ll try to write a brief review on once I’m finished. I’ve already lined up a recently-released novel that fits within the same genre as my Chronicles, so I’m curious to see how it lines up with mine. Love my Kindle!

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