Back Online

Whew, that was a long month. Finally had my new service installed at my new digs. No internet and very limited (non-HD) TV since I moved here last month. Panera Bread Company picked up some extra business from me while I was using their wi-fi. Fortunately it didn’t affect my waistline, though it did affect my wallet. Panera’s excellent but not cheap! 😉 Another lifeline was the wi-fi at work that I tapped with my laptop on my lunch breaks. Pretty crappy wi-fi, actually, but beggars can’t be choosers, huh?

Unfortunately my new service is not cable like my old. Cable isn’t available where I’m at, so I’m discovering the world of AT&T U-verse. The jury is still out. Time will tell if I miss cable. Prices are comparable.

I did get some writing done during the web drought. I’m about 60 pages away from finishing the fourth draft of The Driver’s Wife. That means I’m ahead of my target goal of finishing before the end of the year. I did miss having the internet available at my fingertips while writing, though. You never know when you’ll need to double-check the etymology of a certain word or Google a map or something.

Of course, now that I’m back online I’ve taken the time to foolishly check out the new Kindle Touch. Oh, dear…I’m going to have to get one of those when they come out.

I’ve also booked a trip to California to visit a good friend. Hey, I’ll need that Kindle Touch, won’t I?, how I missed you.

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