Be sure to check out the June issue of McBooks Press’s excellent publication Quarterdeck. Quarterdeck is a monthly publication for historical fiction with a focus on Age of Sail books from a variety of publishers and authors. This month’s issue (the first in full color) is not only visually attractive but is loaded with news, interviews, reviews, etc.

If you are a fan of Julian Stockwin, you can enter a drawing for a free pre-publication copy of Stockwin’s next Kydd Sea Adventure, Betrayal. For the winners, their reviews of the novel will go to an online bookseller.

You will also find a book blurb about The Prodigal in this month’s “Bookshelf” section of Quarterdeck. I’m excited to say that the July issue will feature an interview with Yours Truly. It’s thrilling to be included in a publication that has interviewed so many excellent writers, many of whom I read and admire.

So check out Quarterdeck and enjoy! Follow this link then click on the link to the June (or May) issues:

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