Seven Things

I was recently tagged by fellow author Kim Rendfeld to list seven interesting things about my writing life. So without further ado, here is my list.

  • The best advice I received while writing and polishing my first novel, The Prodigal, was from an agent I met at a writers’ conference whose suggestions regarding the beginning of the book helped me strengthen my main character and make the story saleable.
  • The Prodigal is not my first novel. It is only my first published In my younger years I dabbled in Westerns and contemporary fiction.
  • I average four drafts before the final manuscript.
  • I hate first person point of view in stories, and I avoid not only writing it but reading it (though there are exceptions for the latter).
  • I taught myself how to type, using an old manual typewriter that my mother’s uncle sent to her from Europe where he fought during World War II.
  • My best time of day for writing is during the day; my creative energy dies out when the sun sets.
  • To write historical fiction, I firmly believe the writer must do everything possible to visit the actual sites/regions in which their stories take place. As much as I read about places like Charleston or Chickamauga, the topography still took me off guard when I visited those places and influenced aspects of my stories.
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One Response to Seven Things

  1. Cat Woods says:

    Susan, so fun to see your seven fun facts. I love the typewriter story.

    Hugs, Cat

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